Q: How do I purchase an individual course?

A: The first step in purchasing a course is to find the course title in the catalog. Individual course titles can be found under the different category headings. Once you have clicked on the course title you will be brought to the course description page. On this page you will see a red button in the upper right hand corner that says, "Purchase this course", click on the button. You will then arrive at our secure online ordering form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete the process.

Q: How do I purchase a Certificate Program?

A: Click on the Certificate Program link in the left hand navigation bar. Choose an area of concentration. To view the curriculum detail click on the program title in the list provided. Select and order 5 or 6 courses totaling 10 CEUs. Each course may be applied toward one certificate. The number of CEUs awarded is listed with each course description.

Q: How practical are flexstudy courses?

A: That is one of the major benefits of flexstudy course material. You take what you learn and put it into practice at the office or on the job. The American Management Association's self study courses are structured in such a way as to make you think how to apply what you learn at the office. You have immediate impact!

Q: How are CPEs calculated?

A: Sponsored learning activities are measured by program length, with one 50-minute period equal to one CPE credit.

One-half CPE credit increments (equal to 25 minutes) are permitted after the first credit has been earned in a given learning activity. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance half credit increments.

Q: What is your program cancellation and complaint resolution policy?

A: flexstudy.com's online self-study courses expire when a new edition is made available. Users of the old edition will then have 12 months to complete the purchased edition.

flexstudy.com's objective is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. All complaints are handled within 24 hours from receipt. Users may contact flexstudy.com by phone at 1-888-710-1117 or email service@flexstudy.com.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: The flexstudy.com web site was designed to provide you with enough information to make an informed purchase decision. We provide a complete course description including learning objectives, an extensive table of content, instructions on how to take the course, and actual sample chapter. In addition we provide you with a course demo.

If you decide not to take the course prior to logging in for the first time, flexstudy will refund you the purchase price less a $10 processing fee.

Q: How long are your courses?

A: Each course should be viewed as an independent study program. The amount of time needed to complete a course will very from student to student, but a rule of thumb is 10 hours per CEU. So a course listed as 2 CEUs should take on average 20 hours to complete.

Q: What happens if I have a question?

A: You can e-mail your questions to support@flexstudy.com, but most often if you carefully review the text material you will find the answer

Q: How do I know what the correct answer to a review question is?

A: The online review questions also appear at the end of each chapter. If after a careful review you still need help with the answer go to the end on the chapter material and find the question and answer. Keep in mind that you should understand the principle behind the answer, so check the text for the concept.

Q: Do we get a letter grade for our final?

A: You need to get 70% of the questions correct to receive CEU credit. If you spend the time and work consistently you should not have a problem with receiving credit.

Q: How do flexstudy.com courses work?

A: A course demo is available at http://www.flexstudy.com/demo/