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American Management Association Certification Programs

After completing the course, we ask our clients to assess the course material and respond to our anonymous survey. Fully 59% of those completing courses also complete our anonymous survey. The results are as follows:

How would you rate the quality of content?

How would you rate flexstudy.com system?

Would you purchase another flexstudy.com course?

Of the 99.2% who said they would purchase another flexstudy.com course, fully 85% have.

Some User Comments:

  • "An excellent course, contents are extremely practical and useful."
  • "Excellent course in deed. You are providing a great service to society, by making the World a little better place to work (and live)."
  • "Good Courses. Keep it up, and continue providing the best services."
  • "This course as well as your other courses really provide good value for time and money spent. Keep it up."
  • "The way it was broken out, by chapters, etc., was very well done and efficient. Also, the font and background was very easy to read (I find many websites difficult to read and strain the eye)."

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