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Course Title: Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams
Author: R. Daniel Fenn, Richard S. Dinkins, Dale Miller
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course xi
How to Take This Course xiii
Pre-test xv

1 Introduction to Shared-Leadership Teams 1

Case Study:Marianville Brake Manufacturing
The Team
The Shared-Leadership Team
The Benefits of Shared-Leadership Teams
The Requirements of Shared-Leadership Teams
Characteristics of Shared-Leadership Teams

  • Common Characteristics of Effective Teams
  • The Shared-Leadership Team Continuum

Review Questions

2 Rationale for Shared-Leadership Teams 17

The Challenges Facing Businesses Today
Customer Service,Cost,Quality,and Employee Demands

  • Customer Service Demands
  • Cost Demands
  • Quality Demands
  • Employee Demands

Organization Culture Assessment

  • Organization Culture Assessment

The Business Case for Shared-Leadership Teams

  • Three Business Imperatives
  • Example of a Business Case
  • Worksheet:Creating Your Business Case

Review Questions

3 Preparing the Organization for Shared-Leadership Teams 35

Organization Preparation ?Three Key Teaming Questions

  • Does the Work Lend Itself to a Teaming System?
  • Can the Teams be Shared-Leadership Teams?
  • Can the Current Culture Support Shared-Leadership Teams?

The Confused Business Owner:Paramount Cleaning Services
The Implementation Plan
The Role of Senior Management

  • The Role of Mid-level Management and First-Line Supervisors
  • The Relationship Between Management and Employees or Teams

The Transition Plan
Supporting the Shared-Leadership Team Model

  • Organizational Focus
  • Information Sharing
  • Organizational Structure
  • Philosophy Toward Employees
  • The Roles of Leaders

Review Questions

4 Foundational Elements for Success 59

The Formal Team Charter

  • Charter Writing Practice
  • Team Purpose and Scope
  • Team Sponsor Relationship
  • Team Membership
  • Team Deliverables
  • Team Structure and Operation
  • Team Resources
  • Team Boundaries
  • The Importance of Boundaries
  • The Charter Process
  • Effective Charter Principles

Team Mission

  • An Aligned Mission
  • Simple Ways to Make a Mission Work
Team Vision
  • One Team ? Vision
  • Accountability
  • Organizational Support
  • Gap Analysis
  • Goal-Setting

Team Norms

  • Structuring
  • Effective Norm Principles

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

  • Team Leadership Roles
  • Team Meeting Roles
  • Professional or Job Roles
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Authority Matrix
  • Role and Responsibility Process

A Sponsor ? Dilemma:Paramount Cleaning Services

  • Issues
  • Recommendations

Review Questions

5 Business and Relational Skills Required for Success 87

New Problems at Paramount Cleaning Services

  • Issues
  • Recommendations

Characteristics of Effective Team Members

  • Team Maturity
  • Individual Skills

Developing Team Members and Shared-Leadership Teams

  • Developing Team Members
  • Developing Shared-Leadership Teams

Action Planning Tools for Personal and Team Development
Review Questions

6 Tracking Business Measurements in Shared-Leadership Teams 101

Business Measurements at Paramount Cleaning Services

  • Issues
  • Recommendations

Focusing the Team

  • Defining Key Performance Areas
  • Key Performance Indicators

Establishing Baselines
Goal Setting
Creating Action Plans
Review Questions

7 Managing Team Performance 111

Performance Management at Paramount Cleaning Services

  • Issues
  • Recommendations

Five Elements of a Performance Management System

  • Clearly Defined Team Performance Expectations
  • Clearly Defined Individual Roles and Responsibilities
  • Regular and Frequent Team and Individual Performance Feedback
  • A Plan for Managing Performance Problems
  • Team and Individual Recognition and Celebration of the Team's Success

The Sponsor ? Role in Managing Performance
Review Questions

8 Ongoing Support for Shared-Leadership Teams 127

Revisiting Paramount Cleaning Services

  • Issues
  • Recommendations

Ongoing Training and Development
Face-to-Face Contact
Review Questions

9 Virtual Teams 139

Characteristics of Virtual Teams

  • Monsanto
  • Sprint
  • CITCO Fluor Daniel

Membership of Virtual Shared-Leadership Teams
Types of Virtual Shared-Leadership Teams

  • Sales Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Cross-Organizational Teams

Virtual Teams and Shared Leadership

  • Place,Time,and Work Culture
  • Multiple Loyalties
  • No Clear Source of Direction
  • Multiple Decision-Making Styles
  • No Single Source of Rewards and Recognition
  • Multiple Ethnic Cultures

Essentials for Success

  • Sponsor
  • Mission and Vision
  • Performance Management
  • Norms
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Virtual Shared-Leadership Tools

  • Virtual Colocation
  • Communication

Trust in Virtual Shared-Leadership Teams
Review Questions

Bibliography 157
Post-test 159
Index 165

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