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Course Title: Best Practice Workplace Negotiations
Author: Richard A. Luecke
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Intermediate
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course . . . ix

How to Take This Course . . . xi

Introduction . . . xiii

Pre-Test . . . xvii

1 Negotiations in the Contemporary Workplace . . . 1
     Negotiation Defined
     The Importance of Negotiating Skills The Negotiating Process
     A Case Example
     Review Questions

2 Two Different Approaches: Win-Lose and Win-Win . . . 15
     Lose-Lose Situations
     Review Questions

3 Basic Tools . . . 25
          Strengthen Your Alternatives
     Reserve Price
          Make Your Reserve Price Realistic
          The Reserve "Point"
     Area of Agreement
     Review Questions

4 Preparation . . . 39
     Identify Interests
     Look for Value-Creating Trades
     Gather Relevant Facts
     Determine Alternatives and Reserve Price
          Think Outside the Box
          What About the Other Party?
     Learn About the Other Negotiator(s)
     Review Questions

5 Pay Attention to the Preliminaries . . . 53
     Get the Other Side to the Table
          Alternatives Again
          Let the Situation "Ripen"
     Create an Appropriate Setting
     Pay Attention to Cultural Differences
          Low- and High-Context Cultures
          Personal Space
     Listen and Learn
          Open-Ended Questions
          Clarifying Questions
     Determine Where Best to Begin
          Option 1: Begin with the Easy Issues
          Option 2: Agree First on General Principles
          Option 3: Begin with the Most Difficult Issues
     Review Questions

6 Persuasion . . . 71
     An Essential Skill
     The Foundation of Persuasion
          Understanding Others
          A Credible Case
          The Language of Persuasion
     Review Questions

7 Practical Tactics . . . 85
     Frame the Issue Your Way
     Set an Anchor
     Use Time to Your Advantage
          The Exploding Offer
     Offer a Package or Options
          Identify Options that Address Differences
     Make Concessions Wisely
          Don't Be Too Quick
          Never Concede Anything of Critical Value
          Insist on Proportionality
     Close the Deal
     Review Questions

8 The Human Side of Negotiating Tactics . . . 103
     Be Assertive in Pursuit of Your Interests
     Understand the Role of Respect and Self-Esteem
     Prepare to Handle Difficult People
          The Aggressive Bargainer
          The "Take It or Leave It" Negotiator
     Deal with Power Imbalances
          Concentrate on Interests, Not Power
          Join Forces with Like-Minded Parties
          Improve Your BATNA
     keep Learning
     The Role of Attitude and Personal Preferences
     Review Questions

9 Common Errors Made by Negotiators . . . 119
     Irrational Expectations
     Trying to Win at Any Cost
     Give Relationships Adequate Attention
     Review Questions

Bibliography . . . 129

Glossary . . . 131

Online Resources . . . 133

Post-Test . . . 135

Index . . . 139

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