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Course Title: Coaching for Top Performance
Author: Jeffery H. Davis
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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    About This Course..... ix
    How to Take This Course .....xi
    Pre-test .....online
1 The Need for Coaching in the Work Place .....1
    Introduction: What Is Coaching?
      Coaching Is Not Training Only
      Coaching Is Not Just Mentoring Either
    What You Can Expect from This Course
    How Coaching Differs from Traditional Management
    Responsibilities of a Coach
    When Is Coaching Needed? Three Key Factors
      The Significance Factor
      The Time Factor
      The Coachability Factor
    Let's Get Practical
    Defining Top Performance
      Work Place Conditions That Block Top Performance
      Work Place Change
      Projecting a Poor Previous Experience
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2 How to Document Work Place Performance .....19
    The Importance of Performance Assessment
    Why Document Performance?
      It Shows the Person's Performance Level
      It Allows for Data-Based Decisions, Not Opinions
      It Provides a Baseline by Which Progress Is Measured
    The Criteria for Documenting Performance
      Work-Based Areas
      Measurable Areas
      Changeable Areas
      Standards Areas
    How to Document Performance
      Documenting Use of Time and Meeting of Deadlines
    Document Positive Accomplishments Too! Summary
    Review Questions Online
3 Assessing the Data and Devising a Performance Improvement Plan .....35
    Assessing the Data
    Determining What's Important
    The Case of the Mixed-Up Priorities Symptoms Versus Causes
    Two Approaches to Data Assessment
    Developing a Performance Improvement Plan
      Step 1: Identify the Performance Problem
      Step 2: Describe the Desired Change
      Step 3: Measure the Performance Gap
      Step 4: List Expectations (for You and the Employee)
      Step 5: Develop an Action Plan
    Review Questions Online
4 "Selling" the Improvement Plan..... 51
    Why You Sell and Don't Just Tell
    Logistical Considerations When Planning a Selling Meeting
    Six Essential Steps for a Successful Selling Meeting
      Step 1: Inform the Employee of the Meeting
      Step 2: Outline the Performance Area in Question
      Step 3: Invite the Employee to Respond
      Step 4: Get Agreement on the Problem
      Step 5: Agree to the Plan
      Step 6: Close on a Positive Note
    Review Questions Online
5 Two Essential Tools of Coaches: Appreciation and Encouragement..... 67
    A Word About Motivation
    Showing Appreciation
      The Three Principles of Appreciation
      "Where Seldom Is Heard an Encouraging Word."
      Dealing with Failure
      Encouragement Is Also Effective with the Overwhelmed
    Review Questions Online
6 Communication Skills for Coaches .....79
    Effective Coaches Are Good Communicators!
    Know Your Audience
    Different Ways of Taking in Information
    Distinguishing Between a Sensor and an Intuitor
      How a Sensor Gathers Information
      How an Intuitor Gathers Information
    Different Ways of Making Decisions
    Distinguishing Between a Thinker and a Feeler
      How a Thinker Makes Decisions
      How a Feeler Makes Decisions
      A Note About the Intensity of Personality Characteristics
    Be More Aware of Yourself as a Communicator
      Your Personality Characteristics and Communication
      What Your Body Language Communicates
    Review Questions Online
7 Special Challenges of Coaching .....93
    Special Coaching Challenges
    Correcting Errors
      Identify and Assess the Error
      Know Exactly What Did (or Didn't) Happen
    Knowing When to Stop a Coaching Relationship
    When a Coach Makes a Mistake
    Review Questions Online
8 Keeping the Employee-Player Growing .....107
    Coaching Is an,Ongoing Role
    Providing Feedback
      Regular Feedback
      Project Feedback
      Job-Enlargement Feedback
      Spontaneous Feedback
      Other Reasons for Feedback
    Let the Players Know How They Are Doing
    Let the Players Know Where They Are Going
      Organizational Goals
      Operational Goals
      Developmental Goals
    Free the Players to Reach the Organization's Goals
      Less Supervision
      Restructured Jobs
    Review Questions Online
    Bibliography .....119
    Post-test .....online
    Index .....127

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