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Course Title: Fundamentals of Statistical Process Control
Author: James R. Evans
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Intermediate
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course..... ix

How to Take This Course..... xi

1 Introduction to Statistical Process Control..... 1

Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control

  • Statistical Process Control

Quantifying Variation

Approaches to Continuous Improvement

  • The Deming Cycle

  • Juran's Improvement Program


Review Questions

2 Statistical Tools for Problem Solving..... 19

Statistical Thinking

Measurement and Data Collection

  • Types of Data

  • Accuracy and. Precision

Populations and Samples

  • Sampling Issues

Fundamental Statistical Measures

  • Measures of Central Tendency

  • Measures of Variation

Tools for Data Collection and Analysis

  • Flowcharts

  • Check Sheets

  • Histograms

  • Pareto Diagrams

  • Cause-and-effect Diagrams

  • Scatter Diagrams

  • Control Charts


Review Questions

3 Introduction to Control Charts..... 3 7

The Scope of Statistical Process Control

Measurement and Control

  • Advantages of Control

  • Standards and Goals

  • Process Measurement

  • Corrective Action

Run Charts

  • Constructing Run Charts

  • Run Chart Example

Interpreting Patterns in Run Charts

  • Trends

  • Shifts in Level

  • Cycles

  • Spikes

  • Multiple Variable Run Charts

Control Charts

  • Computing Control Limits

  • Using Control Charts

Implementing Statistical Process Control


Review Questions

4 Control Charts for Variables Data-Part I..... 55

Variables Control Charts

Constructing x-bar  and R-charts

  • Evaluating the State of Control

Interpreting Patterns in x-bar and R-charts

Using Control Charts for Continued Monitoring

Maintaining Control Charts

Fundamental Design Issues

  • Basis for Sampling

  • Sample Size

  • Sampling Frequency


Review Questions

5 Control Charts for Variables Data-Part II..... 75

Alternatives to x-bar  and R-charts

Constructing Standard Deviation Charts

  • Example of Standard Deviation Calculation

Charts for Individual Measurements

  • Individual Measurements and Moving Ranges Example

Selecting the Proper Variables Control Chart


Review Questions

6 Control Charts for Attributes Data..... 89

Attributes Measurement and Control Charts

p-chart for Fraction Defective

  • Calculating the Proportion Nonconforming

np-chart for Number Nonconforming

  • Example of an np-chart

p-chart with Variable Sample Sizes

  • Constructing a p-chart with Variable Sample Sizes

  • Approximate Control Limits

  • Calculating Approximate Control Limits

  • Variable Sample Sizes and np-charts

Charts for Defects

  • Constructing a c-chart

  • Constructing a u-chart

  • Example of a u-chart

Selecting Attributes Control Charts

  • Using the c-chart

  • Using the u-chart


Review Questions

7 Process Capability..... 109

The Concept of Process Capability

  • Variation and Specifications

  • Capability and Control

Process Capability Studies

Measuring Process Capability

  • Estimating Process Capability from Descriptive Statistics

  • Example of Descriptive Statistics

  • Estimating Process Capability from Control Charts

Process Capability Index

  • One-sided Process Capability Indexes

  • Cpk



Review Questions

Appendix.... 123

Bibliography.... 127

The First Examination 129

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