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Course Title: Delegating for Business Success
Author: Janis Fisher Chan
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course....ix

How to Take This Course....xi


1 Delegating–More Important Than Ever....1

What Is Delegating?
    Who Delegates to Whom?
Why Delegate?
Why Hesitate to Delegate?
Review Questions

2 Delegating to Get Results....13

Requirements for Successful Delegating
Principles of Successful Delegating
The Delegating Process: An Overview

    Planning to Delegate
    Handing Over the Job
    Monitoring and Evaluating theWork
Review Questions

3 Planning to Delegate....25

Planning to Delegate: An Overview
Deciding What to Delegate
Selecting the Right Person
Review Questions

4 Delegating a Job....39

Explaining the Job
    Take Enough time
    Clearly Explain What the Job Is and Why It Is Important
    Clearly Explain Any Deadlines and Constraints
    Provide All Relevant History and Other Information the Person Needs
    Check Understanding
    Encourage Note Taking
    Focus on the Results You Want, Not How to Do the Job
Asking for a Plan of Action
Agreeing on How to Monitor the Work
Review Questions

5 Monitoring and Evaluating a Delegated Job....55

The Monitoring Process
    Stick to the Monitoring Plan
    Be Available
    Use Check-In Points to Review Progress
    Make Sure That Problems Are Addressed
    Give Useful Feedback
Evaluating the Results of a Completed Job
Evaluating Your Own Performance
Reward Efforts and Successes
What If Things Go Wrong?

    Common Causes of Delegating Problems
    When You Spot a Problem
Review Questions

6 Delegating in Other Situations....81

Delegating to Teams
    Consider the Characteristics of the Group
    Give the Group a "Whole" Job
    Let the Group Decide Who Does What
    Explain the Job to the Entire Group
    Ask the Group to Work Out a Plan of Action
    Recommend That the Group Establish a System That Facilitates the Flow of Communication
    Keep the Group Informed
    Monitor the Work and Give the Group Feedback
    Be Available and Address Serious Problems Immediately
    Hold a "Debriefing" Session When the Work Has Been Completed
 Delegating to Colleagues and Co-Workers
    Take Extra Care to Explain the Importance of the Job
    Respect the Other Person's Priorities
    Help the Person Understand How Doing the Job Will Benefit Him or Her
Virtual Delegating Handling Work That Someone Delegates to You
Review Questions

Annotated Bibliography....95



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