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Course Title: Leadership Skills for Managers, Fourth Edition
Author: Charles M. Cadwell
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Advanced
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course.... xi

How to Take This Course.... xiii

Pre-Test.... xv

1 What It Means to Be a Leader....1

The Need for Leadership
What Is Leadership?
    Five Theories of Leadership
    Leadership Traits and Characteristics
    Leadership Impact on Performance
Meeting Today's Biggest Leadership Challenges
    Complexity Within the Business Environment
    Diversity of People, Thoughts, and Perspectives
    Ethical Leadership
    Ambiguity and Change
Differences Between Managing and Leading
    Leaders Innovate; Managers Administer
    Leaders Seek Challenges; Managers Seek to Maintain the Status Quo
    Leaders Think Long Term; Managers Think Short to Mid Term
    Leaders Motivate and Inspire; Managers Control
    Leaders Worry About Doing the Right Things; Managers Worry About Doing Things Right
    Leaders Have a Wide Circle of Influence; Managers Have Limited Influence
Five Leadership Skill Sets to Ensure Performance
    Providing Direction
    Leading by Example
    Enabling Others
    Sharing Power
    Seeking a Better Way
Attitudes and Mindsets
Leadership Readiness
Review Questions

2 Providing Direction....29

Developing the Vision
    Thinking About Visions
    Vision Requirements
    Defining Values and Guiding Principles
    Maximizing Participation
    Writing the Vision Statement
Creating Alignment with the Vision
    Aligning the Vision and the Strategic Plan
    Aligning the Vision and Individual Goals
Communicating the Vision
    Written Documents
    Web Sites
Institutionalizing the Vision
    Constantly Communicating the Vision
    Encouraging Feedback
    Recognizing Successes
    Putting on Vision Blinders
Review Questions

3 Leading by Example....49

Being a Role Model
    Set an Example and Show Passion
    Take the Initiative
    Maintain Focus
    Accept Responsibility
Developing and Maintaining a Positive Leadership Approach
    Have a Positive Outlook
    Combat the Negative
    Remember You Are in Control
Using Power and Influence in a Positive Manner
    Position Power
    Personal Power
Developing Your Business Knowledge
    Set Goals and Measure Results
    Keep Improving Yourself and Your Competence
    Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Expertise
Review Questions

4 Enabling Others....69

Growing and Developing New Leaders
    Stretch Leaders Beyond Their Current Roles
    Build New Leader Capability and Capacity
    Expand Horizons and Opportunities
Leading Others Through Coaching
    Role of the Coach
    Coaching Mode
    Coaching and Teaching
Mentoring New Leaders
    How Mentoring Differs from Coaching
    Mentoring Goals
Appraising Leadership Performance
    Benefits of Appraising Performance
    How to Approach Appraising Performance
    Types of Discussions
Review Questions

5 Sharing Power....87

Developing Followers
    Competence and Focus
    Courage, Honesty, and Credibility
    Improving Your Follower Skills
Empowering Others
    Dimensions of Empowerment
    Putting Empowerment to Work
Building a Team
    The Difference Between Groups and Teams
    Team Building Techniques
    Being an Effective Team Member
Sharing Power Through Collaboration
    Building Trust
    Avoiding Groupthink
    Building Consensus
Providing Feedback and Recognition
    Feedback Systems
    Frequent Recognition
    Celebrating Successes
Review Questions

6 Seeking a Better Way....115

Challenging the Status Quo
    Vacuuming Up Information
    Dealing with Negative Responses
    Seeing Problems as Opportunities
Taking Risks
    Rewarding Risk Taking
    Calculating the Risk
Using Continuous Improvement
    Continuous Improvement Initiatives
Creating an Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Being Alert for Opportunities
    Making Decisions
    Demonstrating Tenacity
Recap Review

7 Attitudes and Mindsets....135

Leadership Ethics
    Ethics and the Law
    Personal Judgment
    Establishing an Ethical Work Environment
Leading by Serving
    Put Others First
    Help People Motivate Themselves
    Ask: "How Can I Help?"
Leading by Wandering Around
    Have a Reason for Being There
    Look and Listen Lead with Questions, not Answers
    Talk About Work
    Follow Through
Developing Relationships
    Building and Maintaining Relationships
    Dealing with Conflict
Embracing and Leading Change
    State the Purpose of the Change
    Involve Others
    Test Before Making a Systemwide Change
    Introduce the Change
    Maintain and Reinforce Change
Review Questions

8 Making a Leadership Commitment....157

Leadership Model
    Providing Direction
    Leading by Example
    Enabling Others
    Sharing Power
    Seeking a Better Way
    Attitudes and Mindsets
Willingness and Ability to Be a Leader
Reevaluate Your Readiness to Be a Leader
Develop an Action Plan for Becoming a Leader
Leadership Renewal
    Professional Development
    Personal Growth
    Staying Connected
    Physical and Spiritual Renewal
Review Questions

Annotated Bibliography....173



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