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Course Title: Planning and Managing Change
Author: Vivette Payne
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course... ix
How to Take This Course... xi
Pre-Test... xiii

1 What Does It Mean to Manage Change?... 1
What Can You Do to Manage Change?
Taking a Proactive Approach to Change Management
The Five Types of Change
   Understanding the Five Types of Change
A Change Readiness Mind-Set
Six Key Competencies for Change Leaders
   Understand Change Management
   Prepare for Change
   Manage the Change Journey
   Build Change Management Skills
   Plan the Change
   Learn from Change
Creating a Performance Improvement Plan
Review Questions

2 Preparing for Change... 21
Factors Indicating the Need for Change
   What Happened to Simmons Stores
Avoiding Complacency and Stagnation
   What Happened to Dan
Diagnosing the Impact of Change
   Creating a Change Impact Analysis
Identifying Roles Required for Successful Change
   Change Leader
   Executive Leadership Team
   The Change Management Team
   Specialist Roles
   Understanding Stakeholder Needs
Selecting Members of the Change Management Team
   Team Member Criteria
Getting Your Team Set Up and Off to a Good Start
Review Questions

3 Managing the Change Journey... 47
Identifying Reactions to Change
   Why Change Is Difficult
   Negative Reactions to Change
   Positive Reactions to Change
   Managing Reactions to Change
The Process of Transition
Making a Case for Change
Creating the Vision for Change
   Steps to Finalizing Your Vision
   Designing a Communication Strategy
   Case Scenario: Excel's Communication Strategy
   Key Attributes of an Effective Strategy
Managing the Scope and Speed of Change
   Case Study: Implementing a Successful Change Strategy
   Strategies for Managing the Scope and Speed of Change
Review Questions

4 Building Change Management Skills... 73
Key Change Management Skills
Understanding Resistance to Change
   Why People Resist Change
Overcoming Resistance to Change
   Facilitating Openness and Understanding
Influencing Others
   Understanding Communication Style
   The Direct Approach
   The Enthusiastic Approach
   The Precise Approach
   The Accommodating Approach
Review Questions

5 Creating the Change Management Plan... 99
Stages of Organizational Development
   Stage 1: Dream Stage
   Stage 2: Structure Stage
   Stage 3: Productivity Stage
   Stage 4: Complacency Stage
   Stage 5: Early Decline Stage
   Stage 6: Performance Decline Stage
   Stage 7: Dropout Stage
Identifying Opportunities for Change
Creating a Change Management Plan
   Step 1: Clarify the Change Purpose and Goals
   Step 2: Clarify What Will Not Change
   Step 3: Build Support and Ownership
   Step 4: Design Change Management Initiatives
   Step 5: Implement Change Management Initiatives
   Step 6: Learn and Adjust
Why Change Efforts Fail
   Eight Key Reasons Why Change Efforts Fail
   Avoiding Programmatic Change
   Case Study: A Change Management Plan That Failed
Review Questions

6 Learning from Change... 119
The Relationship Between Change and Learning
   Gathering Feedback
   Creating a Change Learning Process
Success Factors and Obstacles
   Greatest Contributors to Success
   Greatest Obstacles to Success
Monitoring Change Implementation
   Case Study: QWEST Manufacturing Learns from Failure
Coaching Teams Through Change
Review Questions

Bibliography... 131
Post-Test... 133
Index... 139

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