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Course Title: Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams
Author: R. Daniel Fenn, Richard S. Dinkins, Dale Miller
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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Course Objective:

To build shared-leadership teams for improved productivity.

Learn how to:

  • Build a strong business case for shared leadership teams
  • Implement shared leadership teams
  • Build the foundation of team success
  • Analyze and develop member and team capabilities
  • Create clear team member roles and responsibilities
  • Measure teams' performance
  • Track directly measurable business results

More About the course:

You already know the benefits of successful teamwork. Now it's time to raise your success to the next level. Forward-looking organizations have discovered that shared leadership, rather than self-management, is what unlocks truly high performance for teams. This self-study courseďż˝the first of its kind–gives you a practical road map to building shared leadership teams and using them to gain competitive advantage. If you're new to the shared leadership concept, you'll be brought up to speed quickly. The authors examine why this approach works so well, for face-to-face teams as well as computer-networked "virtual teams." An array of real-world success stories, in areas ranging from customer service to product improvement, will help you make the case for shared leadership teams to your company leaders. And you'll learn how to determine what degree of shared leadership is right for your organization. Moving from theory to solid practice, this course lays out the short-term building blocks and long-term strategies needed to create truly shared leadership. It shows how to identify the range of team skills and behaviors needed to reach the best business results–and helps you prepare an appropriate action plan. You'll also enjoy proven guidance on such nitty-gritty issues as setting goals, measuring performance, and supporting your teams through effective compensation and continuous feedback.

R. Daniel Fenn is a consultant who brings management development experience and an understanding of the organizational change process to help organizations redesign their processes to optimize their social and technical systems.His strong facilitative and training skills have helped organizations increase competitiveness and profitability through improvements in total quality management,team development,interpersonal skills,and the changing roles of supervisors and employees in high-involvement organizations.

Mr.Fenn is the president of Fenn & Associates, an organization development consulting firm in Kansas City,Missouri.He has worked with a diverse group of organizations,including Monsanto,Shell Oil,Allied Signal Aerospace,CITGO Petroleum,Cardone Industries,the Department of Commerce, Kansas Farm Bureau,Grandview (Missouri)School District,HybriTech,and American Business Women ? Association.Mr.Fenn holds a bachelor ? degree in sociology and master ? degrees in theology and counseling.

Richard S. Dinkins is a consultant,trainer,and designer of reward systems,including systems for team-based organizations.He focuses on creating large-scale culture change through high-involvement work systems;team development and conflict resolution,especially among executive teams;compensation systems design and implementation;work process redesign;and performance appraisal processes in a team environment.

Mr.Dinkins is a Senior Organization Consultant for Sprint Communications Organization. He has brought his expertise to such diverse clients as Monsanto,Mobil,Goodyear Tire & Rubber,the Environmental Protection Agency,the Federal Aviation Administration,the Department of Agriculture, and Northern Indiana Public Service.Mr.Dinkins holds a bachelor ? degree in English and a master ? degree in psychology.

Dale Miller is an organization development consultant and trainer who co-developed a successful leadership process for supervisory staff.He focuses on developing the skills that help supervisors at all levels become leaders, using a process approach.He has made many presentations to groups such as the American Society for Training and Development and the Association for Quality and Participation.

Mr.Miller has extensive experience as a manufacturing supervisor and general manager.He has often been a guest speaker and instructor for the Executive Fellowship programs at Rockhurst College in Kansas City,Missouri.His clients have included such varied organizations as Allied Signal Aerospace,CITGO Petroleum,the Social Security Administration,Lyondell Petrochemical,Lawrence Family Practice,and The Fagan Company.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The publisher would like to thank the following people for their review of the manuscript of this course:
Darcy Hitchcock,President,Axis Performance Advisors,Inc.,Portland,Oregon
Donna Deeprose,Principal,Deeprose Consulting,New York,New York.

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