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Course Title: Planning Cash Flow
Author: James J. Jurinski, David T. Filipek
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Advanced
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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Planning Cash Flow gives you a nuts-and-bolts understanding of proven techniques to plan and manage cash flow, sources and uses of short-term funds, and working capital (including cash, short-term securities, receivables, inventory, payables, and short- and intermediate-term debt).

You'll learn how to:

  • Manage working capital efficiently to strengthen cash flow
  • Produce a comprehensive picture of present and expected cash flows
  • Prepare a cash flow budget
  • Maximize the use of and minimize the cost of short-term credit
  • Evaluate alternative short-term financing options

About This Course

As one course among many offered in the American Management Association's curriculum, Planning Cash Flow has been designed specifically for the practicing manager and the future manager. It provides private, self-paced, individualized study; learning and self-evaluation through in-text exercises.

James J. Jurinski, J.D., C.P.A., is Associate Professor in the School of Business at the University of Portland (Oregon), where he teaches tax and business law courses to both graduate and undergraduate students. He also maintains a law practice in Portland and is a frequent speaker before professional groups. He formerly worked for one of the "Big 6" accounting firms. Professor Jurinski, a graduate of Hamilton College and the Northwestern University School of Law, is a member of both the American Bar Association and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is also the author of numerous articles and books on business, tax, and legal topics.

The publisher wishes to thank Timothy Sullivan, Ph.D., MBA, Professor of Finance, Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts, and Emery A. Trahan, CPA, Ph.D., Joseph G. Riesman Research Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, for their help in reviewing the manuscript of this course.

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