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Course Title: Successful Interviewing: Techniques for Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Management Meetings
Author: Diane Arthur
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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Here is the course that can turn non-interviewers into good interviewers–and good interviewers into great interviewers. Whether you're a general manager or human resources specialist, the fact is that you do some interviewing (formally or informally) virtually every day. This course will help you sharpen such skills as open-ended questioning, active listening, and reading body language–all essential in a variety of management situations. You'll learn to apply these techniques to 12 types of business interviews, from hiring and coaching to assessment and termination. You'll even gain practice in dealing with interviewees who are nervous, aggressive, overly talkative, evasive, or otherwise challenging."Which questions can and can't I ask? How should I document an interview?" Because such concerns can trip up even the most experienced business interviewer, you'll find clear guidance on key legal issues and specific do's and do not's dictated by current legislation. Managers will also appreciate the wealth of real-life dialogs that highlight this broad-based and highly useful course.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare effective interviews
  • Build rapport with interviewees
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Document interviews
  • Take more useful notes
  • Construct competency-based questions
  • Encourage interviewees to talk
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Interpret body language
  • Interview job applicants, references, and employees
  • Manage telephone and written interviews productively
  • Coach, counsel, discipline, and evaluate performance more effectively

Course Objective:

Develop skills needed to conduct 12 different types of business interviews and ensure legal compliance.

About This Course:

Say the word interview to most managers and they are likely to respond that interviewing is the responsibility of human resources professionals or, at best, that it should be a combined effort between human resources and managers. Pressed further, they will explain that it is not their job to interview. They are managers-not interviewers.

In reality, managers as well as HR practitioners conduct interviews throughout their business day. On any given day, you, as a manager, are making interview-based decisions about whom to hire, promote, fire, discipline, or terminate. It is likely that you also call on interviewing strategies to accomplish your business objectives. Whether a manager or an HR practitioner, you need to understand how to conduct the various types of interviews in a correct and maximally effective way.

The two primary goals for this course are to present typical business interview situations and to teach the skills needed to achieve success in each situation. The course guides you reassuringly through the process of 12 different types of interviews. Here you will learn the value of planning and preparing for the interview, including how to build rapport and to structure your environment and your time. By following this course, you will develop valuable techniques to get the most out of each interview, using active listening, careful questioning, and an understanding of body language. Essential information on documentation and legal issues offers solid and timely guidance to safeguard even the most inexperienced interviewer. The course incorporates current thinking on competency-based interviewing and numerous application exercises you can translate to your own interview experience. Throughout, you will be able to identify with the real-world scenarios illustrating the right and the wrong way to conduct an interview. Whether you are an HR practitioner or a manager, mastering the skills and strategies presented in Successful Interviewing: Techniques for Hiring Coaching, and Performance Management Meetings will prepare you to be a more confident, productive, and effective interviewer.

Diane Arthur is president of Arthur Associates Management Consultants, Ltd., a human resources development firm based in Northport, New York. She has more than 25 years of human resources experience as a consultant, workshop leader, and lecturer, covering all facets of human resources, including interviewing skills; equal employment opportunity; HR policies and procedures; employee handbooks; position analysis; job descriptions; performance appraisal systems; employer/employee relations; disciplinary/grievance proceedings; orientation programs; training and development needs assessments; communication skills; career planning; coaching and counseling.

Arthur consults for a wide range of companies, including large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and the healthcare industry. Arthur is the author of numerous works dealing with human resources and general management. She has written many books for AMACOM, including The Complete Human Resources Writing Guide, three editions of Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees, and two editions of Managing Human Resources in Small and Mid-Sized Companies, as well as articles for various publications, including the National Business Employment Weekly, Personnel, Management Solutions, Supervisory Management, and HR Focus. Arthur is a highly rated AMA workshop leader and is listed in the 26th edition of Who's Who in the East.

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