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Course Title: Understanding and Implementing ISO 14001
Author: Annette Dennis McCully, John V. Kinsella, P.G.
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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You'll gain the skills to:

  • Manage environmental liabilities and challenges in a systematic manner
  • Impact your organization's bottom line by significantly reducing inefficiency and waste
  • Participate effectively in a cross-functional environmental management team

Understanding and Implementing ISO 14001 shows you, in step-by-step detail, how to design and implement a functioning environmental management system (EMS) that meets the ISO 14001 standard. Whatever your industry, you'll learn how to identify the environmental aspects and impacts of your operations, and address them with specific job functions in areas including cost accounting and purchasing.

Following the format of the standard, Understanding and Implementing ISO 14001 shows you how to evaluate the legal and regulatory aspects, benefits, risks, costs, and savings, and apply them strategically to your organization. Numerous real-world cases - featuring actual documents and experiences from major corporations - enhance your learning.

You'll learn how to:

  • Integrate environmental liabilities into your business planning process
  • Reduce operating costs in materials, pollution abatement, and waste disposal
  • Focus resources on environmental risk
  • Position your organization to act quickly on future government regulation

Course Objective:

Understand the specification standard for an environmental management system. Recognize appropriate techniques to determine environmental risks and impact. Learn how reusing, recycling, and redesigning affect the organization’s bottom line.

About This Course:

Understanding and Implementing ISO 14001 is designed as a practical handbook for managers whose organizations are implementing or planning to implement an environmental management system (EMS) to meet the ISO 14001 standard requirements, whether or not their companies plan to become certified to ISO 14001. Our approach is geared to managers and technical staff who have some knowledge of environmental protection practices or work closely with environmental staff. Because implementation of an ISO 14001 EMS must be integrated into business processes, we are also addressing the financial costs and cost savings of proactive environmental management.

The ISO 14001 standard is rapidly being implemented by organizations that recognize the tremendous benefits to be gained from managing environmental liabilities and challenges in a systematic manner.

 The adoption of the ISO 9000 series of quality management standards over the last ten years has proven that applying the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to quality management systems results in more efficient and effective processes, cost savings, improved sales, and satisfied customers. Similarly, companies that have implemented ISO 14001 are realizing comparable results, now just emerging in quantifiable terms.

 This dynamic self-study course provides you with a practical understanding of the standard and how to design and implement a functioning EMS. You will learn how to identify the environmental aspects and impacts of your operations, as well as how to develop objectives and targets and supporting programs. Once you have a plan in place, you will learn how to implement the system by establishing a crossfunctional management team, training employees, establishing lines of communication, and documenting your system.

Note: We strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of the ISO 14001 standard. Information about price and vendors is included in the course.

Annette Dennis McCully has been a science journalist and technical writer for 13 years, conducting interviews of Pentagon, corporate, governmental, and military officials for articles and case studies. Previously at Boeing Corporate Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs where she researched and developed policy, she is now owner of McCully Technical Services. She is a correspondent to two international presses and works with corporations in the development of procedures and handbooks. Her clients include Global Environment and Technology Foundation (globeNet), CEEM Information Services(International Environmental Systems Update),Nextel Communications, Plexus Corporation, and Quality Digest.

A graduate of Goddard College in Vermont, McCully majored in management and writing, and has also completed a wide range of coursework at the University of Tulsa, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Southern California.

John. V. Kinsella has over 19 years experience in environmental management consulting in North America, Europe, and Asia. Previously a Vice President with SCS Engineers, he is now a Vice President and Regional Manager for EMCON, a national environmental consulting firm. He has provided environmental management system consulting and training to a wide range of organizations, including BP Exploration (Alaska), Microsoft Corporation, Weyerhaeuser Company, the US Navy, and SEH-America.

A trained EMS auditor, Kinsella is a member of the US Technical Advisory Group that is developing the ISO 14000 series of standards. He holds a BA from Trinity College Dublin and an M.Sc. from the University of London.

Contact Information for the authors follows:
Annette Dennis McCully     amccully@aol.com
John V. Kinsella, P.G.        jkinsella@emconinc.com

The publisher wishes to thank the following people for their help in reviewing the manuscript of this course: Gregory Hale, Program Manager forglobeNet, Annandale, Virginia; Edwin Pinero, Environmental Services Manager, EnSafe, Inc., Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Gayle Woodside, ISO Program Manager, IBM, Austin, Texas.

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