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Course Title: Successful Negotiating
Author: Grant E. Mayberry
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 2
Level: Intermediate
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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Unfortunately, very few of us are born negotiators. However, Successful Negotiating can teach you the art of win/win negotiation. You'll get a firm grasp of the negotiating tricks and techniques the pros use. Learn everything from prenegotiation planning to the use of seemingly unimportant details like seating arrangements and meeting site selection to influence the results of negotiations.

Learn how to:

  • Sway an opponent with timing and association techniques
  • Identify an opponent's real but often hidden needs
  • Use questions to control the thrust of a discussion
  • Employ proven strategies like the"missing man","straw issues," and "wakout" ploys
  • Communicate a position clearly and precisely
  • Plan a realistic course of action based on sound preparation and an objective appraisal of resources
  • Keep the negotiation process open to reasonableness and flexibility at all times
  • Draw on your own skills, experience, and self-discipline to keep the process moving in the direction you want

The Institute for Certification, a department of Professional Secretaries International� – the Association for Office Professionals�, will grant points toward CPS� recertification to qualified individuals who successfully complete this course.

Course Objective:

Develop skills to influence the outcome of negotiations using pre-negotiation planning and conversational techniques. Understand the four components of any negotiation.

About This Course:

As one course among many offered in our curriculum, Successful Negotiating has been designed specifically for the practicing manager and the future manager. It provides private, self-paced, individualized study; learning and self-evaluation through instructional programming; and communication between the student and our staff or instructors through assignments and a final examination based on the case study as pioneered by Harvard University. Paralleling a business school course of study, our curriculum makes available a stable, inclusive, and continuing transmittal of practices and perspectives to those working managers who, on their own time and at their own pace, want to continue their education in management.

Grant E. Mayberry has done consulting work in the fields of procurement, effective contracting, market development and organization, and overall business efficiency. He also has extensive experience in instruction and course design for Georgetown University and the University of Southern California, among other institutions, as well as for private business organizations and government offices.

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