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Course Title: Delegating for Business Success
Author: Janis Fisher Chan
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $89.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Fundamental
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course

The ability to delegate is a critical skill prized by organizations that are committed to achieving their goals and retaining and developing valuable employees. Delegating for Business Success has been designed to teach managers, team leaders, and all business professionals the skills of delegating to achieve personal and organizational success.

In today's lean, fast-paced work environment, everyone is asked to take on more responsibility and to be more productive with the same resources. Learning to delegate effectively and to assume delegated roles and tasks productively will enable you to make the best use of limited time, to respond rapidly to changing circumstances, and to develop new skills and opportunities for career growth. Organizations that foster delegation extend the company's resources and reduce stress. They also help employees develop their full potential, work together more efficiently, and feel more involved in the organization's success.

In this new self-study course, you will discover what delegating really involves and understand the scope of the delegating relationship, whether between manager and subordinate, team members, or peers. You will assess your own delegating ability and learn to create a practical, workable delegating plan that you can implement during the course. Delegating for Business Success will help you address your own hesitations about delegation and give you sound guidelines to help you make confident delegating choices, whether you are the delegator or the delegatee. You will learn how to monitor the delegation process, evaluate progress, identify problems, and reward success.

In accomplishing all this, you will also improve your goal setting, prioritizing, planning, communicating, and feedback skills. In addition, you will receive timely direction for delegating in virtual situations, with teams, and in cross-functional situations. Learning to delegate or receive delegated assignments is an empowering skill essential to managerial and organizational success.

Janis Fisher Chan is cofounder of Advanced Communication Designs, Inc., a San Anselmo training company established to help people communicate clearly and work together effectively. A specialist in the design of training programs, Ms. Chan has developed, written, and conducted customized classroom and self-study courses on a wide range of business topics, including performance management, making effective presentations, professional writing skills, and project management. Her publications include, with co-author Diane Lutovich, Professional Writing Skills, Grammar for Grownups, Writing Performance Documentation, How to Write Reports and Proposals, and Just Commas. Her previous AMA self-study publications are Taking Control with Time Management, 5th Edition, Managing Your Priorities, Presentation Success, and Communication Skills for Managers, 5th Edition.

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