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Course Title: The Complete Training Course for Managers
Author: Irene E. McManus, Robert P. McManus, Bobette Hayes Williamson
Provider: American Management Association
Price: $79.95
CEU Credits: 1
Level: Intermediate
Field Of Study: N/A
Prerequisites: None
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About This Course

As one course among many offered in the American Management Association's curriculum, The Complete Training Course for Managers has been designed specifically for the practicing manager and the future manager. It provides private, self-paced, individualized study; learning and self-evaluation through in-text exercises. Paralleling a business school course of study, the curriculum makes available a stable, inclusive, and continuing transmittal of practices and perspectives to those working managers who, on their own time and at their own pace, want to continue their education.

Irene E. McManus is a trainer and writer whose subject matter specialties include writing, reading, communications, and basic skills. For over twelve years she has regularly presented a basic skills English-writing course, a basic skills reading course, and a petty officer writing workshop to naval personnel. In addition, she designs and gives language improvement courses to organizations in the private sector, and she teaches college English courses. Ms. McManus's articles have appeared in the business and professional press.

Ms. McManus earned a B.A. and an M.A. in English from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, and an M.A. in reading education from San Diego State University. She holds a California community college teaching credential, a general secondary teaching credential, and a reading specialist credential.

Robert P McManus has over forty years' experience as a manager and advisor to business and industry. During his thirty-year career at Naval Ocean Systems Center, a San Diego research center, he worked in the management of research, development, testing and evaluation, engineering design, and systems design. McManus has managed several multimillion dollar naval communication systems programs. On two occasions, he served as science advisor to the commander in chief of the Atlantic Fleet, and acted as scientific liaison officer on the First Fleet staff.

McManus holds nine patents and has written over twenty technical papers on data transmission and information transfer systems. He teaches at the University of California, San Diego Extension, in the Department of Business and Management. McManus holds a B.A. in mathematics from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Bobette Hayes Williamson has over 25 years' experience as a trainer, instructional designer, and business writer. She has presented seminars to people at all organizational levels in a wide variety of settings. Subject matter specialties include management, supervision, leadership, innovation, train the-trainer, presentation skills, and fife/career planning.

Williamson teaches at the University of California, San Diego Extension, in the Department of Business and Management, as well as for the San Diego Community College District. Her articles appear regularly in business and professional periodicals. Williamson holds a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. She took graduate studies in education at San Jose State University, San Jose, California and holds a lifetime California community college teaching credential.

As a team, the McManauses and Williamson are co-authors of the American Management Association self-study course, Creating a Competitive Advantage through Innovation. They wrote the video outline and leaders' guide for the AMA Partnership Series on Innovation, which includes the videos Inspiring Innovation and Creating Innovations. They are co-authors of Performance Excellence Planning: A Goal Setting and Career Development Workshop (Vital Learning, 1989). They were members of a team that wrote the revised edition of the SUPERVISION series (Vital Learning, 1986), and they are authors or co-authors of twenty-one film leaders' guides for CRM Films. The publisher wishes to thank Debora Bloom of Debora Bloom Associates and Dr. Mordecai Magencey for their help in reviewing the manuscript of this course.

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